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Coastal Hamptons Project


‘Behind The Design’

I love the process of taking you through the key elements of what goes into creating the perfect connection for each and every client and the new space we create, hold on, here we go!

During the initial consultation meeting with my client (AKA my sister-in-law!), we discussed how she wanted to love her own personal space when hanging out at home. 

We touched on how loving your surroundings and creating the style of room you love inspires you to set intentions, kick life goals and want to achieve the big dream: for Nicole, it is striving for her own home so starting the process with creating her perfect personal space was a must.



Coastal Hamptons Project – Desired Style Board





you should be connected to your home




Before – Bedroom

After – Coastal Hamptons Project 


We discussed the colours, styles and pieces of furniture she loved and pretty quickly realised that Coastal Hamptons is her loved style. So I got to work finding pieces that would fit the brief of her expectations. 

Another key question I always ask my clients during our initial style session is to describe in three words how they want to feel when in their space: Nicoles 3 words were ‘Peaceful, Happy, Positive’.

We also touched on wall finishes, Nicole naturally gravitated towards neutral grey tones for her walls (which is typically the safe option) but I really wanted her to feel inspired and peaceful within the space since and I felt that although a light tone is a perfect choice, something with a cool hue would be the better option as it would enhance the emotion she wanted to feel in her space. We added hints of that same colour palette within the soft furnishings (pillows, vases, frames etc.). Since she trusted my expertise and judgement we went down that road and found the perfect green hue that resembled the three key descriptive words.

Coastal Hamptons Project – flat lay Image of major finishes


Because Nicole really enjoys travelling and is something that fills her up she enjoys looking back over memories and friendships she has made during these times. A travel gallery wall was the perfect way to remember those expereiences.

Showcasing the beautiful countries and places she has snapped while travelling our beautiful planet.



A topic I also communicate with clients is how much organisation plays a role in your emotional state when within your space. I feel when you have a well-organised space, you feel this sense of calm in your mind which helps you become happier planning your workweek and leaves you with more time to spend enjoying your weekends with family & friends.



During initial design and investment discussions, she had initially decided to reorganise her existing closet and only refurbish the external doors. 

However, once we made our way through the design deep dive phase, she soon realised her original built-in wardrobe needed a refurb, helping her utilise her space effectively while also allowing her to change out her doors with custom luxurious poly panelled mirror finish, which I must say completes the room beautifully. 




To ensure Nicole could connect freely while in her personal space and feel completely relaxed, in control and have everything she needs at her fingertips we made sure we provided some wall shelving to display her collection of books amongst her Coastal Hamptons decor pieces. Also since a favourite past time is bingeing Netflix, it was a no brainer that a TV was accessible but also blended within the new design, therefore we incorporated it into her wardrobe design, allowing it to be easily tucked away out of sight when she wanted.

It was an absolute pleasure working together on this Coastal Hamptons Project.

To say she is over the moon with how this transformation turned out would be an understatement. 

Click here to see more images of this Coastal Hamptons Project.  

For more information on how we can work together on your next project, check out my Interior Decorating Services.

Together, let’s create style and beauty.

Melanie x

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