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‘Behind The Design’

This space was not only enjoyable to create from the design to implementation it was also exciting to create it for my nephew to enjoy hopefully for years to come.

Finding out our extended family was growing was let me say just a little bit exciting (especially since our only child had also been an only grandchild on my husbands’ side for 20 years!, I know crazy, right!!!!) I mean he doesn’t have a big family but still – unbelievable!



Woodlands Inspired Nursery Project – Desired Style Board



you should be connected to your home



Woodlands Inspired Nursery (Walk through Video)

The Theme

The expecting parents had a theme in mind which worked perfectly with the exposed brick colouring on one wall in the space and they left the creative design up to me to pull off. (with their help, of course.)

Transformation Images

Before – Transformation

After – Woodlands Inspired Nursery 

Conceptual Stages

During the conceptual stage, we found some images on Pinterest of a mountain bookshelf which was adorable and luckily they loved it.

So I thought I’d share with your the stages in creating it for the main feature in his Woodlands Inspired Nursery space.

We started off with a blank canvas (the room currently was a spare room, anything goes area)

We measured out and tapped the layout of the mountain shelves as well as the painted scape, then next was a quick trip to Bunnings to gather the materials for construction. During the planning stage, I had found some photo shelves from Ikea which were perfect for the bookshelves, which we cut down to the required length needed.

This was a really fun and meaningful project we all got to do together, both Hubby and the new dad to be bonded building the structure and we think new mum got way too excited (maybe even little Connor did too) since he decided he just couldn’t wait to see it finished, going into early labour during the initial install stages of the wall.

Although we had planned to have the nursery complete weeks before his expected due date that all went out the window with him arriving healthy and happy 4 weeks early – kids will do that to you. It sure makes for a great story to tell for years to come.

We painted the mountains in various grey/blue hues to bring elements of the little man’s space together.


Woodlands Inspired Nursery – Mountain Wall Construction

The Mountain Range

Once we completed the coats of paint on each mountain top, I then taped the mountain range, this was painted in a light green to blend in with the curtains, custom wall art and other elements within the room.

 Wall Art

We also selected some cute woodlands images of Etsy to display as wall art on the exposed brick wall adjacent to his feature wall. The little woodlands characters are so cute and make this room feel like a little person lives here.



 Styled Bookshelf

Here’s a photo of it with styling finished. the perfect little niche to read cuddle up and bond with little Connor.

Finishing Touches

We installed some 3D cloud shapes above the mountains to the tall adding depth to the top of the wall which completed the wall perfectly.

Completed Room

To finished off we added some snow to the mountain tops because really would it be finished if it didn’t, I also couldn’t resist adding a shot with their loved fur baby Penny, waiting patiently for him, (he was sound asleep downstairs, lol)

I’m looking forward to sharing many years of watching little Connor grow and enjoy his space.

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 Together, let’s create style and beauty.

Melanie x


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