Country Collection

Our Country homewares collections are named after our very own country towns in Australia, Our inspiration comes from enjoying our weekend adventures visiting our very own surrounding country towns. As well as enjoying the open rolling pastures with the country farms, set atop of the hills with post and rail fencing, that can go for miles. We love being surrounded by the animals our Australian country has to offer, and we particularly enjoy the many different flora and fauna we encounter.

Our Country homewares selections have been created with scale, balance and colour combinations in mind, which we believe will complement any country style home perfectly. You can select individual pieces if you like or purchase a perfectly curated collection below.

We consider the history and elements detailed above when selecting the perfect online homeware pieces for our customers. You can purchase for your own home or for someone you loves home. We believe everyone should love their home and it should reflect them and their unique style.

We ship Australia-wide direct to you from our Sydney HQ.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Country homewares range at or call (02) 4677 0015, we will be more than happy to assist you with your online homewares questions.



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